Friday, 5 August 2011

German compensations for the fighters post wars.

Soldiers are also the citizens of their countries but they are different from the normal citizens as they get distinct in the form of their job. These soldiers who vow themselves into the cover of protectors have the biggest responsibility ever. They take up this occupation of fighting for their nation not because they are paid the most or they get benefited in any ways. Think again, how is he benefited if he is the one who is always be in a higher affinity to get killed or is at par with the enemies in a war? He does all this as a respect and value that he shows to the country he is serving for.

They can belong to army, air force, navy or any other internally secret missions when it comes to dole out for the nation with his utmost pride and keeping the heritage intact. Wars have always been there only because of the yearning for higher power and are the best and prove it anyhow!! So was the Second World War which created the maximum devastation and sabotage in the human history. Since then Germany has enacted a number of laws that held war compensation (in german Abfindung ) to the people who suffered from the persecutions at the hands of the Nazis. These compensations were given away in the way of millions and millions of rupees. There were many laws introduced at those times as well which are followed still today. The Federal Republic of Germany first undertook the initiatives for the compensation system in the country.

The German law that compiles of these systems where known under the acronym of BEG. Under this law the individuals who had lost their properties physically (parts of body, minor and major injuries due to wars etc.) and socially (persecuted politically, racially etc) got well compensated. A large number of people were aided as compensation. There were also many transitional aids (in german Übergangsbeihilfe ) to soldiers given for their effective sacrifices and even to the families of the deceased. People who still have claims regarding the Second World War should know that the period of effectiveness of the BEG law is expired since 1960 and there are other laws that have come to action by the German government which can be helpful for such people. Any government will only be good towards the people who fought for the country and brought back its respect and legacy safely. Apart from compensations, national respect and rewards are also given away so as to make their importance a bit more essential.

Different countries different policies

Though war is a similar word and act in almost all of the countries, war compensation (in german Abfindung ) differ in each of them. Internal compensation or external one depends well on the policies adopted by that particular country. Government of a country is liable to offer compensation against damage to its people; this is offered after a comprehensive assessment. Due amount of compensation is offered after this assessment. It is not just the countrymen asking for the war compensation, but also nations asking other countries for compensation against damage caused by the war broken by them. War is normally occurred due to conflict between two countries, but there are other countries which unnecessarily suffer damage or loss in various forms. In recent history we can see many countries demanding war compensation (in german Abfindung ) from other countries, who initiated war. In doing so, many human right associations come into picture which make the people aware of their basic rights and rightful compensation. Good example of this case is Israel rejecting the Gaza war compensation , where the Palestinian Center for Human Rights, consisting of more than 1,000 residents of the Gaza Strip, claimed that due to prolonged delay Israel refused to hear their case and claim for compensation. The war initiated by Israel before end of 2009 saw massive loss of lives in Palestine. But the claims should have been made right in time and not so late, was the stand of Israel. In other case where the residents of Pyela village in Amuru district have asked the Government to compensate them for their 27 sons who were killed by the NRA soldiers. People can claim for their loss from the respective government. It is morally accepted by the war- initiating country to accept the responsibility and pay compensation to other countries.

However different the policies may be for the other countries, but for their own soldiers who sacrificed their lives to save the country’s pride, it is a mandatory policy for the government to pay transitional aid (in german Übergangsbeihilfe ) to soldiers as compensation either to them or to their families, if the soldier has laid his life in any war. It is a token of gratefulness of the government and countrymen to the brave heart who, without thinking of self, has put the safety of his country before anything else. So, this kind of facilitation or compensation is deserved.

War compensation, financial aids to soldiers

Bravery revered!

The professions which served mankind, were supposed to be noble professions like doctors, teachers and soldiers. The earlier two may have lost the sheen off late (that is what the scholars blame) but soldiers or army is still counted as the noblest profession among the rest. They are truly working for a noblest cause, without even fearing of losing their life. Their countrymen are safe, because they are working hard to maintain peace within the country by keeping the enemies at bay. They don’t even blink once before laying their life for their beloved nation. These brave hearts perform truly noble cause for the society and country. What do they get in return? Nation’s pride, reverence and trust! All of this is not sufficient to get a soldier’s life going. After all a soldier is also a human being with similar needs those of a normal human being, but the only difference is that he has trained his mind to sacrifice his life any day and his family’s mind to carry on with their lives without him as well. But one needs support in form of funds to carry on normal life. Every nation takes good care of its soldiers. There are many concessions, facilities granted to these true sons of soil. Apart from this there are many types of war compensation (in german Abfindung ) granted to them or their family. This includes monetary help, free education for kids, job offers to retired army personnel or the family members, in case of death of the soldier, in their skilled field. War compensation is a mandatory aspect the nation has to follow to streamline the life of soldiers or their families.

A soldier and his family play a very important role in safeguarding the country. So they deserve to get all the benefits from the country’s government. During war or after the government can offer transit shelters or transitional aids to (in german Übergangsbeihilfe ) the soldiers for re-structuring their lives. Different countries have different policies towards war compensation (in german Abfindung ) . They adhere to those policies respectively. Following these policies is a way of the nation to display their acknowledgment of the bravery of the soldiers and their courageous act for safeguarding the country. In our life it is very important to display the feeling of gratitude towards those who help us, and by giving these soldiers their due respect and facilities every country’s government displays their gratitude.

Government should try to track down post war victims.

What are transitional aids and compensations? These are the help or aid given to individuals who are affected by the wars and after that. Transitional aids deal with providing proper shelters to the ones who need them anyway. The wars include all the borders areas especially and ones which adjoin the nearer areas to those with the enemies. These places are attacked and under constant tensions. The people residing here are shifted and under the scanner of the government provided temporary or even permanent residence in the way of the transitional aids. All these come as the effective responsibility of the government as they are messing up with the common mans property and post wars the same people also have the right to question for their part of compensations too.

Not only the lay men but also the participating soldiers and navy men get huge amount of compensations in way for fighting for the nation. War compensation (in german Abfindung ) is greater than those which are provided due to natural calamities. The considerations given are both equal but as the responsibility on the shoulders of the administration of the country when the war concerned is heavier than when the country is hit by any calamity.

The transitional aid (in german Übergangsbeihilfe ) to soldiers should be always given its importance as they are the true saviors of the nation and if these people are served well in the country then the nation can have more such people coming forward to risk their lives for the nation. The government should pay well to such individuals as their lives are priceless. There are even many soldiers and their families till date who have not yet received the war compensation and other transitional aid and living a live of a nomad in the countries post wars. The members handling the compensation part should bring it to effect that they do reach up to such people and aid them well in return for their role in the fight. A check should be put upon such war crimes that are committed by the government personnel itself who gulp up the compensation money!! They should try to track down such people and help the out, as they may not have any idea regarding such offers or they might have tried a lot from their side but all was vain!!

However compensation is different from reparation which is caused due to illegal actions. The compensations are given by the system where the government is to blame the disarray.

Friday, 29 July 2011

Loss recovery through compensation and transitional aid

A soldier needs a war compensation (in german Abfindung ) so as to meet his daily expenses as he is no more incompetent to join the army and fight for his country. His fatal injury in his limbs had restricted in doing this. But, to meet the daily expenses of himself and his family members he needs lump sum money as war recompense for the professionalism he had shown for his country when he was totally fit and active.

Every government pays war compensation (in german Abfindung )to his beloved family like free education, repositioning, medical facility and many more free reimbursements don’t come free for the soldier’s family members. This facility is being provided to them on the expense of the life of the martyr soldier who died for his motherland fighting a war against his enemy.

Among the various organizations who pay rewards, military pays the maximum rewards to its soldiers. The total military outlet has 70 different types of payments and allowances to be handed over to soldiers irrespective of the soldier being present in his job, or on standby, or on security. If the soldier get fatal injuries during the war then his management authorities would look after that he gets the maximum rewards so the victim’s family member don’t have to recover this payment from the concern military authorities.

An individual joining the army must be courageous enough from his heart that if situation demands he has to die for his beloved motherland. Everybody is not much courageous than these military officials. Thus, for this courage and bravery these military officials get rewarded from their higher rank officials and are nominated for receiving these types of payments and allowances. But, it is not always a piece of cake for every war victim soldiers. This transitional aid (in german Übergangsbeihilfe ) is being awarded to those military officials who are well and truly being categorised into special categories of wounded soldiers.

Many soldiers have made up their mind already that they would lay their lives while safeguarding the borders from their enemies no matter what the situation demands from them. So, they are physically and mentally prepared to combat such tough situations. They are also trained harder and tougher in their military academies but injuries never come knocking at the door. Sometimes these soldiers get wounded by their fellow military officials only or in the war fronts. In any such situations compensations (in german Abfindung )should be paid to them.

Generally, transitional aid (in german Übergangsbeihilfe ) is being given by the military authorities to the soldier’s family. But, in few adverse situations these family members are been deprived from getting transitional aid(in german Übergangsbeihilfe ). In these situations the family of the victim soldiers can take the help of different military lawful administrators. Sometimes, the fees of these military lawful administrators comes to the botheration of the victim family members as it is on the higher side and if these family members are feeling the pinch then they can rely on different war compensation (in german Abfindung ) formats to recover these demands.

Transitional aid for conflict casualties

Army soldiers whichever regiment and whichever country they belong to fight for their motherland. To invade new territories and to expand new areas are what people are being doing since medieval periods. The new era has come with one change and that is the change of sophisticated arms and ammunitions rather than a sword in hand. This hunger has made desperate resulting in a war. But, man tends to forget that in this war there is a huge loss in property and over all his own countrymen and soldiers die.

There are certain circumstances in which a war has being forcefully imposed over a country by certain extremist groups that are being operating through out the world. During such a circumstance when war is being imposed on any country it is not necessary that soldiers would die. They get injured and can be disabled. For those injured and disabled soldiers every government would pay compensation (in german Abfindung ) and transitional aid (in german Übergangsbeihilfe ).

When a soldier is busy fighting with the enemy in the war front, it is the moral duty of that particular country to look after the family of the soldiers. Every government does the same also by providing some compensation (in german Abfindung ) to the victim’s family. These are in the form of temporary houses and their family members are also being provided with some monetary help from the government side to run the family during the emergency period when war is being declared on the front.

Every soldier is being trained hard in their respective military academies world wide to combat any tough situation including war. They fight for their motherland keeping faith and trust on their government that their families would be protected and get transitional aid (in german Übergangsbeihilfe)from their countries government. Many a times there is a war like situation creeping inside own motherland also. Sometimes, many anti social element group get activated in some part or other in their own motherland and their government would send these soldiers to encounter them or to fight a proxy war with them. Some soldiers get injured and are entitled automatically for monetary reward from their government.

In every country, every government had created some certain schemes to give compensations (in german Abfindung )according to their ranks. If a soldier gets handicapped and cannot fight for his country then the war benefit level is some what in lower side. Same as the reward charges if another soldier looses any one limbs. But, to get transitional aids (in german Übergangsbeihilfe )from the government in form of shelter a soldier must either loose all his limbs or have died during fighting for his motherland. Well, this seems to be a little acquired but for some countries this is true.

Anyways, no compensation (in german Abfindung ) or transitional aid ( in german Übergangsbeihilfe )would be bigger for the war victim’s family members whose beloved son or husband have died fighting for the country or is incapable to perform any civic activities throughout the live. Sometimes it hurts the sentiments of the soldier’s family but life has to go on!!

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Military Life: Blend of Conduct and Discipline

Life at the military camp is not an easy task. Far different from the civilian life it needs to follow strict principles and rules which introduce discipline and decorum in the long run. The behavior of any military officer is the main perspective which decides the professionalism and capability of any soldier. Leadership, good conduct and discipline are the attributes available from a military trained professional who are aware of his responsibilities and duties.

To get established in a military carrier there are various military schools which have structured training programs to prepare the students regarding the discipline in military life through the modes of knowledge, values and physical endurance of the various armed forces operating. Especially for the teenagers this kind of knowledge about the soldiers on time ( in german Soldaten auf Zeit ) makes them mentally prepared about their duties and responsibilities, if pursued as a career as well as groomed up with essential ethics benefitting their future. Military careers are quite different from the civil carriers, the reason why it is a conscious decision to opt for the same. Also it is true that military life changes the whole path for an individual transforming him into an efficient person responsible for national and global peace.

Discipline in military life has huge scope. They educate a novice through several parameters like obeying the orders, doing the right thing, maintaining punctuality, executing what is decided and guide the followers with inspiring leadership. The biggest education given through this training is to recognize the needs of others and do the accurate thing for the team and sacrifice own interest. To execute the task perfectly and take responsibility of own actions are important conceptions fed into a soldier mind. With the discipline in military life one can truly become a respectable soldier whom all wishes to follow and keep as an idol of the present society. For the people, he becomes a hero and for the followers he remains as an inspiration.

For troubled youth, for career direction, for the kids or for just becoming a successful and sensitive person, the military training can be truly worthy education which has the capability of changing the concept of people about different situations. With the proper training one can choose variety of career and serve the people and the country in their own way.Such training for military is also provided at time Bundeshwar soldiers (in german Zeitsoldaten Bundeswehr ) which is located in germany. It is the best possible way to groom a person into becoming a respectable individual and an idol in front of the whole world.